Theyyam is a popular art form in kerala. Man accept the type of God and and mollifying them and consequently, the Gods guarantee success and harmony to society and is the conviction behind the Theyyam execution. The entertainers of Theyyam have a place with tribes like Vannan, Malayan, Mavilan, Velan, Munnoottan, Anjunnoottan, Pulayar, Kopalar and others.

Theyyam execution are pursued by numerous ceremonies. At first, the entertainer is given an insinuation and later that the date of execution is fixed and the entertainer (Kolakaran) is educated. The initial segment of the Theyyam execution is known as Vellattam or Thottam. Otherwise called Thottampattu, it is performed in a light way with no detailed ensemble and the entertainer portrays the beginning and attributes of various Theyyams. The Kolakaran alongside his colleagues take part in it. The principle instruments utilized for thottampattu are Chenda, Veekan Chenda, Ilathalam and Kuzhal. For performing Vellattam, the entertainer's face of the entertainer is painted and he has a tuft of hair on his head. All the Theyyams won't have Vellattam rather they will have the capacity of getting Podiyila.

Moderm theyyam with the advent of lighting and other modern facilities, modern theyyam is being evolved with new and advanced lighting

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